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Director, Kravmaga SingaporeSascha Soliano – Coming from a strong background in competitive boxing in the mid 1990s during his 2 years in national service,Sascha was chosen to join SAFSA and represent the Singapore Armed Forces in Amateur Boxing. Sascha was recognized and awarded a certificate of merit for his outstanding performance in Boxing having bagged 8 wins out of 9 fights in a span of 3 tournaments over a period of 10 months where he went on to win both the SAFSA Novice and Singapore Nationals in 1994 & 1995 respectively. Having served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 2 years, sascha then volunteered for selection to join the ranks of the Commandos Elite Special Operations Force, after successfully making it through the gruelling selection, 1 year training program and Hell Week, Sascha graduated as a full fledge member of SOF. During his 10 years in service, he was selected to attend the first ever Krav Maga Fighter Program because of his vast experience in martial arts & combatives together with a few other operators from his department, and to be trained in the system of Krav Maga directly under the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) where he again excelled and received the Best Trainee award for his performance. Sascha has extensive experience not only as an operator /Fighter in Military Krav Maga, directly under the IKMF, but as a Krav Maga Military Instructor, for the SOTF especially so in the last 5 years out of the 8 years he has been teaching. He is currently the Director for Military / Law enforcement Krav Maga in Singapore under (IKMF) International Krav Maga Federation He is also the first Krav Maga Civilian Instructor in Singapore’s History, having trained in 2004 and teach since 2006 naturally being the first to bring it to the general public. Opening their eyes to a simple yet effective self defense system with a wealth of experience and close to 5000 students having gone through his school under his tutelage. They say Learn from the source. this is very true….. Where it all started from in ISRAEL and here in Singapore. IKMF For Life! Below just a summary of the Courses and Achievements during Saschas service in the Military.

  1. Certificate of Merit for Meritorious Performance in SAFSA Boxing in 1995/1996
  2. Certificate of Merit for Meritorious Performance in Ex Lancer
  3. Basic Commando Training (served in 3rd Company).(1996)
  4. Commando Section Leader Course 32nd batch (1996)
  5. (served in 3rd Company as a Platoon Sergeant). (1996)
  6. 26th SAF Ranger course (1998)
  7. Airborne Course Class 151 (1998)
  8. Basic Military Freefall Course (1999)
  9. Advance Military Freefall (High Altitude Parachute Operations) 9th Batch
  10. Combat Medic Specialist level II / Para Medic Level II (2003)
  11. Underwater Medic Level I 2001
  12. US Navy BUDS : Basic Underwater Demolition Navy Seal Class 242 (2002-2003)
  13. Combat Diver Class II, 21 Batch (NDU) (2001)
  14. Krav Maga Military/Law Enforcement Fighter Course (Best Trainee) 2004
  15. ASP Baton Instructor Course registration no 22755 (2004)
  16. ASP Tactical Handcuff Instructor Course registration no 607(2005)
  17. Krav Maga Instructor (Civilian) registration no 004159( 2006)
  18. Krav Maga Military Instructor
  19. SKD Kali Tactical (2006)
  20. SAF Life Guard Course 7/98 Batch

Sascha is also qualified in the following fields Medic First Aid International Oxygen First Aid instructor Registry number 131229 Medic First Aid International Advance /CPR/AED Instructor Medic First Aid International Pediatric Plus Instructor Medic First Aid International Pathogens Instructor IMCA Assitant Life Support Technician Cert No: UCT/04/1512 IMCA Diver Medic Technician Cert No: ST/DM-0006 IMCA Diver Medic Instructor Medical / Man Lock Attendant IRATA Level I Rope Access Technician IRATA No: 1/31249

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